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Between Annecy, «the Venice of the Alps» and Italy, there is not only a geographical proximity, but a whole art of living shared on both sides of the Alps. Then Miamici Delle Alpi pays tribute to Italy, but not just any! That of this common terroir of the French and Italian Alps, far from the overused standards and the specialities formatted to the French taste. A real piece of Piedmontese or Tuscan countryside, from Liguria and the Po Valley, with authentic family recipes of Italian mamma, prepared with seasonal products, sourced locally, here or there.

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la trattoria

In a family and friendly atmosphere, we take pleasure in settling there at all hours of the day, from the ristretto morning, to the fresh pasta of lunch, until the aperitif where we share antipasti and other reworked specialties from the four corners of the Italian Alps.

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la dolce vita

Our desire is to offer the anneciens a trattoria and a pasta bar both traditional and contemporary, where they could meet in all simplicity around a healthy and gourmet cuisine.

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The counter

As soon as you enter the restaurant, countertop cuisine is required to serve several varieties of fresh pasta, with seasonal recipes on site or to take away. Relaxed and friendly, you can eat lunch on the go, at the counter, at the table or even on the bleachers.

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La gioia

The conviviality, sharing, generosity and good mood of a meal with friends, are an integral part of our culture. We revisit the food of the Italian mamma, away from spaghetti bolognese and pasta with pesto!

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buon cibo, buona bevanda

This new approach to cooking is known to extend life expectancy by preserving cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Chef De Stefano was inspired to create an Italo-Alpine menu, both tasty and balanced in vegetal and proteine, composed of Italian and local products.

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ciao amici

Choose between the pasta counter and the alpina trattoria and spend a pleasant time with friends or family!

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