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Buon cibo, amici felici, la bella vita

Miamici embodies the perfect contemporary version of a traditional Italian trattoria. Take pleasure ensconcing yourself with friends in a friendly atmosphere, to have a drink and enjoy specialties from all over Italy. Everything to enjoy a perfect "crescendo" evening!

The bar

Let be tempted by original, generous and tasty cocktails creations, and some flavors will surprise you just by reading the menu.

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The bar

The bar democratizes the cocktail before, during and after dinner. Behind his counter, Julien and his team practice mixology as nobody.


The restaurant

Miamici cuisine is a modern approach to a healthy and tasty diet based on the abundance of fresh and natural products.


The restaurant

Ideal to meet friends, our new trattoria located in the heart of Nice is designed to enjoy crescendo a full evening.

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Buon cibo, buona bevanda

Both tasty and fresh, our menu is inspired by the new cooking approach, which extends life expectancy and work it out the most skepticals with "good food".

Pâtes fraiches faites maison4

Au choix : Tagliatelle, Rigatoni, Tagliolini - Pour 2 personnes, environs 300 Grammes

Sauces pour deux personnes3

Au choix : Bolognaise, Pesto de Roquette ou Amatriciana 2.0 (Guanciale, oignons confits, olives, ricotta séchée)

Houmous aux tomates séchées5

Purée de pois chiche aux tomates séchées - Environs 100 Grammes

Make The Pizza Great Again10

Kit à Pizza - 2 pâtons de notre pâte Napolitaine secrète, sauce tomates, Mozzarella fior di latte, basilic et sauce piquante maison.

Mortadella al tartufo8

Subtle slices of Emilia-Romagna mortadella flavored with truffles

Tagliatelle Zucca & Guanciale16

Tagliatelle, pumpkin cream, taleggio and smoked pork cheek

Finocchiona Toscana IGP7

Tuscan salami slices flavored with fennel seeds and soaked in red wine


Burrata di Bufala from Apulia, sundried tomato and pine nuts pesto

Gorgonzola AOP & trevise8

Gorgonzola AOP & fig jam


Homemade bread to share, garnished with fior di latte, aromatic herbs & salsa


Bread to share, oregano and olive oil, baked in our pizza oven


Onion compote, marinated anchovies and olives


Zucca cream, chicory and balsamic vinegar

La Caprese18

Pineapple tomatoes, Bufala DOP mozzarella, candied tomatoes, raspberries, raspberry balsamic vinegar

Carpaccio Manzo14

Beef slices, eggplant caviar, hazelnuts & caciocavallo

Insalata Miamici18

Green salad, half-cooked minced tuna, olives & eggs

La Norma14

Garganelli, eggplant, tomato sauce & salted ricotta and smoked


Tagliolini, zucchini cream, zucchini flower & burrata heart

Scottiglia with sage16

Tagliatelle, beef stew & baked veal with parmesan cheese

Tagliolini al tonno18

Tagliolini, fresh tuna tartare and lobster bisque

Tagliatelle del Mare22

Tagliatelle à l’encre de seiche, couteau, asperge et poutargue


Tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte


Tomato sauce, stracciatella & grilled vegetables


Nduja cream, spianata, zucchini carpaccio, candied onions and salted ricotta


Scarmorza, fior di latte, artichokes, speck, parmesan shavings, walnuts


Tomato sauce, fior di latte, cooked ham, mushroom & olives


Mozzarella fior di Latte, jambon San Daniele DOP, mozzarella di Bufala DOP, tomates séchées, tomates fraîches, roquette

Alla Pesce22

Fior di latte, sea bream carpaccio, arugula, olives & bottarga

Italian Bowl18

Salade, epeautre, carottes, concombre, oranges, olvies, mozzarella di bufala DOP

Tonno Semicotto24

Half-cooked fresh marinated tuna & Sicilian caponata

Tartare di vitello20

Veal tartare cut with a knife, cooked at low temperature, fresh salad & fresh melon dice

Choco au coeur tendre8

Moelleux au chocolat, réduction aux piments & poivrons rouges


Savarin imbibé de rhum, crème tiramisu & café


Scoop of vanilla ice cream bathed in a ristretto coffee

Panna Cotta with peach5

Cooked cream, peach & almond coulis

Carpaccio d’Ananas6

Thin Pineapple Slices, mint syrup and yogurt ice cream

Due gelati6

Two scoops of ice cream & biscuit


Inspiration: Mediterranean Diet Gin infused with Jasmine, Prickly pear purée infused with rosemary, Lime, Sugar & Mediterranean Tonic


Inspiration: Mediterranean Diet Lillet Blanc, Italicus, Lime, Thyme Syrup & Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Mozzarella ?13

Inspiration Sour - Amber rum, Aperol, kumquat, chilli-cinnamon syrup & lime, foam


Inspiration: Spritz Cinzano Aperitivo, Suze, Mango Puree Thyme Syrup & Prosecco BIO DOC


Inspiration: Fizz Sloe Gin, Maraschino Luxardo, Egg white, Lemon, San Bitter


Inspiration: Mai Tai Grappa Bianca & Amber Grappa, Lime Amaretto, Honey Syrup with Basil & Pineapple Puree


Inspiration: Tarte Tatin della Nonna Gin, Lemon, Apple compote, Chili-Cinnamon syrup, Gingerbeer foam


Inspiration: Piña Colada Rum infused with Coconut Oil (#fatwash), Galliano, Cordial Pineapple-Honey-Sage, Lime

Red pepper11

Inspiration : Spritz - Campari, Cointreau blood orange, lime, red pepper syrup, lengthened with tonic


Classique : Daiquiri - Rhum Havana 3 Ans, Jus de Citron Vert, Sirop de Prosecco


Classique : Paloma - Tequila, Mezcal, Amaretto, Jus de Citron Vert, Sirop d’Agave, Jus de Pamplemousse, Perrier


Classique : Caipirinha - Grappa, Jus de Citron Vert, Kumquats, Sucre


Classique : Pornstar Martini - Grappa, Purée de Passion, Sirop de Vanille, Jus de Citron Vert, Basilic, Shot de Prosecco

Tiramisu martini13

Inspiration : espresso martini - Rum infused with vanilla, Frangelico, Kahlua, mascarpone & boudoir sirop


The Botanist, Fever Tree Tonic Mediterranean, Clous de Girofle & Zestes d’Orange


Le Gin de Christian Drouin, Fever Tree Tonic, Pomme confite


Gin Mare, Fever Tree Tonic Mediterranean, Romarin & Zeste de Citron Jaune


Akori Cherry Blossom, Fever Tree Tonic, Pétales de rose


Double Espresso, Orgeat syrup, Boudoir syrup, Mascarpone


Apricot Juice, Thyme Syrup & Perrier


Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Fig-Rosemary Syrup

La Victorine ou La Berroise ? 33 cl7

Blonde ou Brune ? Bières locales en bouteille, brassées par nos Amici de la Basserie Berroise, dans le Haut-Pays Niçois

Moretti alla spina5/8

Birra en 33/50cl

Perroni alla bottiglia7

In 33cl


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Vente à Emporter et Livraison

Miamici à Casa !

Enfin ! On vous livre vos plats préférés à Nice ! En attendant de se retrouver, vous pouvez savourer nos pizze napolitaine depuis chez vous !

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The burratina

It's the heart of the Mozarrella, a little like Russian dolls, so we serve the cream of the crop, served with a cherry tomato jam.

Mi aperitivi

Discover our Cocktails menu

La dolce vita, is also a cocktail menu inspired by our Mediterranean with liqueurs, syrups homemade thyme, lavender and basil.


Miamici partner of Côte d'Azur France

Involved in a local approach, the squadra is proud to wear the colors of the Côte d'Azur thanks to a partnership full of good surprises!

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La Scuola di Miamici

Masterclass mixology cocktails & pizza

Enjoy a Mixology workshop in the art of cocktails and a Pizza masterclass to spend a great evening with la squadra di Miamici!

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Ciao amici

In the heart of Nice, meet up with friends and enjoy a complete evening! A table will always be available for you up to 6 people, without reservation. Beyond that, contact our team to book.

20, boulevard victor Hugo at Nice

Open from 12pm to 1am (until 2am on Friday & Saturday)

Reduced menu from 2pm to 6:30pm

Miamici • Contemporary italian trattoria with restaurant and bar located in the center of Nice • In the heart of Nice, meet up with friends and enjoy a complete evening! A table will always be available for you up to 6 people, without reservation. Beyond that, contact our team to book.


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