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buon cibo, amici felici, la bella vita.

For Italy as for France, cooking matters more than anything, because meals are also a delicious pretext to meet with family or friends to share moments of warm complicity, laughs, endless debates, life!


ciao amici

Ideal to meet friends, our restaurants are imagined to live crescendo a full evening: the idea behind Miamici is to create a warm and welcoming connection, where you feel so good that you want to stay there all evening, and come back several times a week.

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buon cibo

Gourmet trattoria? Not only! The cuisine of the Miamici is conceived in accordance with the Cretan regime, inscribed in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO as a “body of know-how, knowledge, practices and traditions”. A modern approach to a healthy and tasty diet based on the abundance of fresh and natural products such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, aromatic herbs and olive oil.

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amici felici

In settings imagined and realized by the studio MHNA (Paris), the Miamici plays the balance between the folklore pop culture and the warm side of a traditional inn. The Nice artist Florence Cantié-Kramer brings a touch of sensuality by inscribing on the walls Italian sentences written in electric red letters that seem to come out of the lips of a modern-day Sophia Loren.


bella vita

Miamici bars democratize the cocktail before, during and after dinner. Behind their counter, our teams practice mixology like no other. They let themselves go to the most original creations of generous and tasty cocktails, taking care to add touches that surprise you as soon as you read the card.

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buon appetito

In the heart of Nice, meet with friends and enjoy a complete evening!

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